Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first page exposure on major search engines.
Social Media Marketing Services
An effective social strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.
SEO & Web analytics
Discover more about our SEO & Web Analytics tools.
Local SEO is about bringing customers through your doors.
Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is a tool to help promote your local business online, as it helps businesses market their products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them online.
Modern Marketing
We have a variety of marketing tools to help advertise products and services in efforts too efficiently and effectively engage new customers.

We Offer a Full Range of Digital Marketing Services!

If you do not have a hold of your online presence, you are already at a competitive disadvantage. Which is why we offer a variety of affordable services that once were only available to large to medium size corporations. SDM will help your business be seen and create a digital footprint to help you compete effectively in today’s overly competitive digital era. We provide companies with tools to help them navigate the customer journey within the following areas:

  • Reach: Identifying the targeted audience
  • Attract: Creating a personalized marketing strategy to attract customers who are likely to utilize your services or products
  • Nurture: Build a relationship with potential customers to understand their needs and pain points
  • Covert: Present potential customers with solutions and convert them into customers
  • Engage: Stay on top of customer service, provide intent base content to keep customers interested and in your ecosystem
  • Feedback: Request feedback from customers and action when necessary and encourage customers to leave positive feedback.
  • Reward: Create loyalty based programs to reward faithful customers.  
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Local SEO Strategy
We can help you promote your products and services to potential and local customers.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
SEO Report tracking and Website Optimization
We can provide you with reporting of your website’s keywords rankings in major search engines. Track your rankings on a country / region / city level as frequently as you want. Discover your competitors keywords and ads for paid and organic search and work with one of our professional to optimize your website with keywords
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Listings and Menu Sync
Quickly sync business information ( hours of operations, address, holidays hours and menu items) with dozens of reputable websites and directories so the business can easily be found online. Our listings report allows the customer the flexibility to easily be able to monitor search engines, social networks, business directories and navigation for errors and fix them all in one place.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Paid Search Advertising
Paid search marketing and Pay Per Click allow businesses the opportunity to advertise using the most advanced, data-driven advertising technologies to promote their business to the right prospects at the right time.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Campaign
We can help you develop a content strategy using a combination of video, case studies, blogs, sweepstakes, content re-purposing displayed across various channels to help reach your desired audience. By targeting consumers based on specific demographics (age, gender, household income, and parental status), interests (travel, tech, beauty, and sports), searched keywords.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Email Marketing
We can help you reach new customers and retain existing customers by creating targeted personalized messages using email marketing tools.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Voice of the Customer Feedback/Reviews Surveys
With Customer Voice, your clients have the power to gather customer experiences to boost online star power and drive more business. Customers have the ability to request feedback via email and SMS.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Custom Website Design
We can build beautiful optimized websites or landing pages designed for conversions.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Online Reputation Management
With review alert, business will be able to monitor online customer feedback left on popular review and social media websites. Our alerts platforms allow users to respond to reviews and messages while they are fresh.
Online Presence
Social Media Solutions
Our cutting edge social media tools and business solutions will grow your business online AND in-store. Turn you online presence into a hub that attracts new and retain existing customers. With our engaging deals, sweepstakes, content scheduling and online shopping solutions, you’ll always have something to promote that your customers want all while growing your social media followers.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
WiFi Marketing Solutions
Turn existing WiFi HotSpots Into Powerful Marketing Platforms with Social Powered WiFi, gathering customer data and marketing has never been easier. Connect customers using a social media account or email. Grow customer lists and social media following and introduce customers to special offers. Geofences use GPS to know when a consumer passes through the area and at that moment they will receive a push notification. Deliver mobile wallet passes to consumers through several channels including; text message, email, sharing and social media.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
HeatMap and Session Recording Reports
On compatible websites watch live visitors recordings and learn where they are mostly clicking and what they are seeing. Analyze visitor experience to see how customers are interacting with your website or specific pages. * Customers are responsible to adhering to their industry specific privacy regulations preventing customers privacy violations.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
SMS & MMS Marketing
Increase ROI, drive more traffic and increase customer retention with our SMS and MMS packages. Our features support bulk messaging and scheduling, voice broadcasting, QR codes, appointment reminders, surveying, loyalty programs, birthday wishes, 2 way text messaging and so much more.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Content Repurposing
Wouldn't it be cool to turn your Facebook Live into an instructional guide or Ebook. Turn your blog posts, supported videos into eBooks, show notes, transcripts, PDFs and Web pages to appeal to bigger audiences.
Socialdentity digital marketing | Digital Marketing Services
Facebook Apps
We can build Apps on your Facebook business page. COMING SOON! We will offering a feature that can instantly turn your Facebook business page to App that can be published to App stores.

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Local and small businesses are the backbone of our communities. But as online shopping becomes even more convenient and popular, customers are shopping less at traditional brick and mortar stores, which forces smaller businesses to build an online presence to stay relevant and competitive.

Online businesses are struggling because customers are unable to find businesses when only enter relevant search terms. Eventually, businesses start researching solutions and begin to come across terms like SEO, PPC social media influencer, etc.

While research shows the benefits of leveraging digital marketing solutions, only 20% of small, local, and online businesses end up maximizing these tools. Which is no surprise since so many digital tools are available, businesses become overwhelmed with choosing a solution, and once they do find a solution, it's too expensive. This often leads to DIY solutions that aren't producing any conversions or help with sustaining customers over time.

Watch our video to find out how SocialDentity can help your business today!

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