About Our Company


Chicago Local Small BusinessesSocialDentity Digital Marking (S.D.M.) is a Chicago based company specializing in the design, development, and implementation of effective Digital Marketing strategies. Our mission is to offer advanced online marketing and advertising solutions that improve competitiveness and productivity, achieving the organizational growth of our customers.Our professional services are distinguished by personalized attention to our customers, applying the best practices, processes, and technologies available in the market. To accentuate ourselves as the leading service in the Digital Marketing services market, we maintain a level of integrity with constant improvement processes, based on innovation, quality, and customer service.


S.D.M. is part of the parent company, New level Playing Field, launched in 2014. The Founder Val is of the perspective that all individuals and companies can only compete fairly if the playing field is leveled. New Level Playing Field started afterVal father's business of 30 years closed after struggling to stay open. After a rise in competition due to the convenience of online shopping and the emergence of Big-Box stores moving into the community.She found out after research that the demise of the business was also due to not understanding the digital era. Also, failing to adjust accordingly to meet the expectations set by technology and not being able to adequately forecast to prepare or make decisions regardingthe future.Other businesses were suffering as well and began to see a decrease in sales and declining returning customer. Many businesses owners were discouraged, and their enterprises died off!

This was no surprise, since many businesses didn’t speak the language of digital marketing. Words likeDisplay,Customer Segmentation, Content, SEO and SEM weren’t common terms among local, small businessesand even online base companies.Therefore,SDM took strides to help close knowledge gap. Before the birth of SocialDentity Digital Marketing, Val embarked on a free service journey, helping businesses to grow.This led to the passion and desire to start this marketing agency as she knew the needs of the community and the pain points businesses were facing. And this motivated her to update her knowledge and skillset to meet the growing needs of local enterprises in need of help with both traditional and digital marketing. S.D.M conducts research that aims to help all businesses enhance their business by providing them with the select services, softwareor products that best suited to their needs.This is what sets S.D.M apart from many of the other agencies that currently exist. There are many digital marketing strategies, software, paid search ads and self-service tools available in today’s market. Which unfortunately leads to businesses being offered an array of products that aren’t beneficial to their success but S.D.M seeks to connects its clients with what will best help them meet their goal.

S.D.M. understands that there are many businesses today who do not yet understand the benefits of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. SocialDentity Digital Marketingis passionate about local small and medium enterprises and believe that all businesses should have fair chance at being successful. Every local business or organization deserves to thrive whether it’s online or in-store. Here at S.D.M., we believe that local businesses and organizations are the backbones of the communities theyoperate within.We want our clients' businesses to be successful and for them to build and leverage relationshipswith their customers locally and online.Therefore, we want businesses to focus on what they love and do best and if digital marketing is not one of those tasks, then look no further than SDM for your digital marketing needs.


  • HONESTY– we are sincere in the possibilities of a project, we recommend the most appropriate, not the most expensive
  • CUSTOMER SENSITIVE – Our customers are our top priority, not our competitors, not the latest trends but we act in the best interest of our customers
  • TRUST– we never leave our clients aside; you can confide in us and we will always deliver what we promised
  • RESPONSIBILITY– we always respond, care, and guarantee tranquility
  • PROFESSIONALLY – we investigate, analyze, never settle for the most comfortable option, we look for the best.
  • COMMUNITY CENTRIC – SDM believes in social corporate responsibility we believe the best way to help our clients thrive is to support the communities that are the backbone of these business.


  • GENERATE TRUST; it is necessary and essential. It allows the client to approach and then stay, repeat, that we are interested.
  • CONVERT YOUR BRAND TO AN INFLUENCER – “INFLUENCER": Person or Brand, with a strong presence in Social Networks and sufficient credibility and authority to influence the decisions of other people, thanks to its image (brand) or the knowledge demonstrated in a specific subject."
  • POSITIONING – Give your business or company a better positioning on all search engines, with SEO
  • PROMOTING – Increase the effectiveness of the promotion of your products, thus increasing the volume of business.
  • BRANDING – Strengthen/redirect the brand image, getting more considerable notoriety and trust from customers.
  • GROWTH – Increase your audience, followers, fans, and of course sales conversion.
  • REPUTATION – Supervise, monitor, control and neutralize each Post to Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and each user comment, in the most appropriate way, to maintain an excellent online reputation.


Some say work smarter not harder and that true. SDM believes in hard work but challenge each business to evaluate if there are actually being S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Here at SDM S.M.A.R.T.E.R. stands for following:

Strategy – create a plan or method to help you reach your goals. SDM strategy is centered around:

Reach: Identifying the targeted audience

·.     Attract: Creating a personalized marketing strategy to attract customers who are likely to utilize your services or products

·.     Nurture: Build a relationship with potential customers to understand their needs and pain points

·      Covert: Present potential customers with solutions and convert them into customers

·.     Engage: Stay on top of customer service, provide intent base content to keep customers interested and in your ecosystem

·.     Feedback: Request feedback from customers and action when necessary and encourage customers to leave positive feedback.

·.     Reward: Create loyalty-based programs to reward faithful customers.

Marketing – A good marketing strategy can help reach your targeted audience to introduce them your brand, product or services but it can also help encouraging customers to buy more which can increase sales.

Analytics – The process of establishing and measuring key performance indicators (KPI) will help lead to actionable insights that can help you understand marketing analytics, website traffic performance, customer profiling and segmentation, customer satisfaction and more. Analytics will help answer the business questions of:

– What happen?

– What’s currently happening?

– Why it happened?

– What’s going to happen in the future.

Having a hold of this information will lead to strategy that will ultimately help grow your business and understand the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, prepare for the future, understand the customer journey and improve ROI.

Research – Develop an ongoing research plan that aims to understand the pain points of existing customers, the needs of potential customers and keep up with the latest market trends related to your industry to maintain a competitive advantage.

We believe that every marketing campaign or project should start out with evaluating where they stand with doing marketing S.M.A.R.T.E.R. SDM can help clients out with just doing that.

Our Mission

Helping our clients grow their customer base and increasing customer retention is our mission, providing tailored solutions to our clients is our specialty. We know the struggles that many small and medium size online and local enterprises face and our goal is to help provide solutions that will help them succeed in this digital era as well as help them prepare for the future.